Catholic Funeral Songs & Hymns

Few things can be as emotionally draining and stressful as planning a funeral for a family member. Between setting the arrangements, selecting a church, and contacting family and friends, few people stop to consider the music that will be played at the service. Though it’s hard to choose the perfect Catholic funeral songs for Mom, Dad, or any family member or friend, it’s important to find the right songs for remembering your loved one and ushering them into heaven.

Catholic funerals and memorial services often include many different ceremonial steps, prayers, and readings that are vital to the process, there is much more flexibility when it comes to songs and hymns. Many churches and funeral homes will provide the bereaved with a selection of songs to choose for the various parts of the funeral service. Usually, this includes hymns for the entrance, offertory, communion, and recession, but more music can be selected and used throughout the ceremony.

Classic and Contemporary Music in Catholic Funerals

Catholic funerals, much like the average Catholic service, are full of opportunities to sing and recite prayers. Some songs, such as “Amazing Grace”, “Come, Holy Ghost”, and “Ave Maria”, are very common for Catholic funerals because of their connection to Christianity and their overall popularity. There are many songs to choose from for a funeral, and many older Catholics will be perfectly happy knowing their surviving friends and family are singing the classics during their service.

However, this focus on long-standing funeral music is not as common with modern Catholics. Today, you’re now much more likely to hear contemporary songs from popular artists, especially if the deceased was a big fan of a particular musician. Country and folk music has become particularly popular with modern funerals, largely due to its popularity and semi-regular connection to Christian values and ideas.

Be sure to check that family members agree on the music selected for the funeral, and to make sure that the church or funeral home hosting the ceremony is OK with the music. Many churches will suggest that the bereaved speak with the church organist or choir to find the best songs for the service, or to see if they’re willing to play a modern song in place of the classics.

Catholic Funeral Programs, Cards, and Memorials

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