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30 Best Funeral Keepsakes & Mementos On Pinterest & Etsy

It is becoming more common for people to give out funeral favors and mementos. These are usually either a small trinket to remember someone by, something personalized, or something that is significant to a memory of the person. While it isn’t a must for any funeral, it can be a great way to show appreciation for the support of those who took part in the memorial. There are many ideas for funeral favors and mementos, some more unique than others. The following is a list of ideas for these mementos to give you a few ideas to help you with your planning.

  1. A custom crossword puzzle is a unique favor that shares the loved one’s life with guests.
  2. Personalized match books may call to mind camping trips with your loved one.
  3. A personalized ribbon can be worn by guests in remembrance.
  4. A seeded paper cross will give guests a reminder that will be around for a while.
  5. A custom fortune cookie may bring to mind meals shared. You can also customize the message inside, perhaps to saying your loved one often used.
  6. Seed packets are a good way to remember someone who loved flowers, or loved to garden.
  7. Personalized buttons are great for guests to wear during the memorial and is something they can keep.
  8. Custom recipe cards are great for remembering those who loved to cook, or for sharing that famous recipe one last time.
  9. Glass heart charms can be placed at tables at place settings for your guests to keep.
  10. Photo memory coins are an easy to keep memento that gives your guests a little something that they can have with them always.
  11. A tea infuser can be perfect for remembering those that always invite friends and family in for tea.
  12. Affirmation stones are a unique keepsake. You can pick which words had meaning for your loved one.
  13. Personalized wrist bands are a trendy wearable trinket that you can customize as you wish.
  14. Always in my heart coins are a simple trinket that symbolizes how you and others feel about the person being remembered.
  15. custom laminated bookmark is a great way to remember those who loved to read or write.
  16. Wood key chains may bring to mind trips taken with your loved one.
  17. An angel pewter pocket charm will keep your new guardian angel on your mind.
  18. Custom memorial booklets are a common funeral keepsake to provide for guests.
  19. Coffee roast favors are great for remembering the coffee lover.
  20. Temporary memorial tattoos are a unique way to memorialize someone who had or loved tattoos.
  21. Engraved pens can bring to mind memories of someone who was always picking up pens somewhere.
  22. Memorial handkerchiefs are an elegant token to remember someone who carried one.
  23. Funeral prayer cards can be used to share your loved one’s favorite prayer.
  24. Personalized boxes are funeral keepsakes for guests that they can use to hold small items that remind them of the loved one.
  25. A custom shot glass is great for having a last drink, or to memorialize a person who was known for drinking.
  26. A Christmas ornament is a way to have the loved one with you during one of the times you’ll miss them most.
  27. A tree seedling is great to honor someone who loved nature. It’s also a lasting keepsake.
  28. Window decals share your memory with everyone that sees it.
  29. A tribute photo album lets your put all the important moments together to share.
  30. A ceder bird feeder is great for those that loved birds.

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