Are you looking for an easy way to log and remember the attendants of your loved one’s funeral service? Our funeral service guest books, otherwise known as memorial photo registers, are available in black, gray, brown, tan, silver, or white. Each guest book is hardbound and features a large color photo in remembrance of the beloved. Funeral guest books have 30 pages with 6 lines per side which allows you to log up to 180 guests’ signatures.

Celebration of Life & Memorial Guest Books

As guests arrive to the funeral home to express and share their condolences, funeral guest books allow attendees to sign in and list their name, address, and other contact info. Memorial guest books are then used to keep in touch with attendees after the funeral service and send thank you notes. Traditional guest books are an integral part of funeral planning, by ensuring each attendee is accounted for. Guest sign in books for memorial services keep a record of who was in attendance and their contact information.

Are you looking for a memorial keepsake to distribute to your family members and guests in loving memory of your loved one? Our selection of memorial cards are entirely customizable and feature a color tribute photo. These funeral prayer keepsakes measure 2.5” by 4.25” and are available in a variety of styles. Including CatholicIrish, Militaria, Police and Firefighters, and Gold Foil.

Do you want to provide funeral attendees with a more in-depth view of your loved one’s life or a copy of their eulogy? We offer 8 or 4 page funeral handouts, which are fully customizable and full color. These obituary booklets are high quality at an affordable price. You might wonder, how much are funeral programs typically. Our helpful guide breaks down the cost of the different options such as designing and printing at home or working with a local print shop. The one that provides the most peace of mind is to work with a funeral service printing professional, such as