What Are Memorial Christmas Cards?


Memorial Christmas cards are a thoughtful way to express love, support, and remembrance during the holiday season following the loss of a loved one. These special cards acknowledge the bereaved family's grief while offering comfort and hope. They can be personalized, balancing the joyful spirit of Christmas and the solemnity of remembrance.

Etiquette for Sending Memorial Christmas Cards As the Bereaved:

  • Decision to Send: The bereaved should feel no obligation to send cards. However, if it brings comfort, it can be a way to thank others for their support during tough times.
  • Content: If choosing to send cards, consider a message that reflects gratitude for the support received or an expression of how the family is coping. Avoid overly cheerful tones, aiming for a balance that respects the loss while acknowledging the season.
  • Family Portraits: Families who traditionally send picture cards should decide what feels right—continuing with the tradition or opting for a more traditional written card.

Examples for the Bereaved:

  • "This year, as we navigate the void left by [Loved One], we find comfort in the love and support you've given us. Wishing you a peaceful holiday season."
  • "As we face our first Christmas without [Loved One], we're reminded of the light that your support and kindness have brought into our darkness."

To the Bereaved:

  • Inclusion: Always include the bereaved in your Christmas card mailing list. It shows you remember and care about their loss.
  • Tone: Choose a card that is sensitive to their grief. Avoid overly joyous messages. A card that allows for a personalized message is often best.
  • Religious Content: Be cautious with religious messages unless you're certain of the family's faith and beliefs.

Examples to the Bereaved:

  • "In this season of love and giving, we hold you close in our thoughts, remembering [Loved One] and the cherished moments shared."
  • "May the gentle peace of the holiday season bring comfort to your hearts as you remember [Loved One]."

What to Write Addressing Grief and Offering Comfort:

It's vital to approach the family's grief with sensitivity. Acknowledge their pain while offering messages of comfort and hope aligned with the Christmas spirit.


  • "Though words can never replace the absence of [Loved One], may the love surrounding you offer some comfort during this Christmas season."
  • "In this time of reflection, we remember the beauty and light [Loved One] brought into our lives. May those cherished memories bring you solace."

Final Considerations

Sending a memorial Christmas card is a delicate and thoughtful gesture that, when done with care and respect, can bring comfort to the bereaved during a difficult holiday season. It underscores the universal message of love, support, and communal strength that defines the spirit of Christmas, ensuring that no one feels alone in their grief. The key lies in crafting messages that are heartfelt, considerate, and attuned to the grieving family's emotions during this sensitive time.