Prayers for Granpda

Honoring the life of your loved ones is an important part of their passing. One of the ways you can celebrate your grandpa’s legacy is by sharing a thoughtful poem or meaningful prayer with friends and family. There are a few general categories to consider when making your selection. By being thoughtful and deliberate you can be sure your words will leave a lasting impression. Here’s what you need to know about each one.


If your grandfather was a religious man, he’d likely appreciate a sacred text or poem in his honor. Choose a scripture he knew and loved, or a Biblical story reminiscent of his character. Alternatively, consider a religious text from the respective religion, if your grandpa followed a different faith. If you’re still unsure which selection to make, ask a faith leader or other family members for guidance.

You might also consider including a religious reference as part of your grandpa’s service. Choose a text you know he’d like, whether it be a Psalm sung by members of your congregation or a religious poem or passage. Tailoring your service to the man you knew and loved is a sign of the utmost respect. Just remember to choose your words wisely based on the faith of the deceased. 

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Not all people or events are religious, so you’re welcome to make a secular selection instead. For example, if your grandpa loved reading, why not choose a quote from his favorite book or author? If he enjoyed poetry, consider reciting a poem appropriate for the occasion. Longer texts may also be included in the service program, but keep any time limitations in mind.

You may be unfamiliar with your grandfather’s reading habits and that is ok. Therefore you may be in search of a more general excerpt to show your care and respect for the deceased. If so, know there are many non-religious poems that are ideal for memorial services or celebrations of life. Including secular poems, quotes or readings is also a nice gesture to attendees from other faiths.


Many funeral services include music of some kind, whether it be a guest musician or religious songs. If your grandpa was a musical person, there’s no reason not to include lyrics from a favorite singer or band. Ask yourself whether someone in attendance is interested in performing to mark the occasion.

Are you from a musical family or religious group? If so, decide whether music should be a major part of the ceremony. Consider having the kids or grandkids sing a song or ask the choir to volunteer their talent. Including lyrics in print or as part of a musical performance are equally viable options.


Ask yourself what relationship you had with the deceased and how to reflect it in your reading. For example, children and grandchildren usually attend funerals or memorials for their loved ones and may wish to contribute. Be mindful of the relationship differences at play since all voices are valid.

Lastly, keep maturity levels in mind. Grandchildren may still attend a service even if they’re too young to understand fully. If they’d like to participate without contributing something original, take a look at poems for deceased grandparents written specifically for kids. As always, choose the best fit for you and your family.

Final Thoughts

Selecting a prayer, poem, or other text for your grandfather’s passing may feel a bit daunting. Start by choosing a category to narrow your choices further. Above all, follow your inner guidance when making your decision. We wish you and your family a blessed event in honor of your grandpa.

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