How to Design Prayer Cards

A prayer card is a tasteful and meaningful way to memorialize a dear departed loved one. These cards may feature a picture of your loved one, along with a few words about their life. This will be accompanied by a prayer; something that can be recited by those left behind, sending love and spiritual care into the next world while keeping the departed friend or family member in mind.

This makes prayer card design an important aspect of funeral planning and organization. So, how do you design a great prayer card in a fitting tribute to a loved one? 

Think About the Significant Prayers

Prayers are always beautiful verses, both inherently poetic and inherently spiritual. However, some prayers will carry more personal significance than others. If your loved one had a particular prayer that was very special to them in life or held a deeper meaning for them personally, this is an excellent choice. Spend some time researching this, asking friends and family for recommendations.

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Find the Right Image

You'll need to include an image of the departed on your prayer card ; preferably one that really reflects the personality of your loved one. Take some time to find a clear and instantly recognizable image to include on the card. Look for photos taken in your loved one's favorite location, for example, or maybe an activity they loved to do when they were alive.  Also, try to make sure that the image is high resolution and of good quality. This will make printing easier.

Keep the Design Crisp and Simple

Remember the focal points of your prayer card are the image of your loved one and their favorite prayer. The image needs to be clear and separate from other elements on the card, so that the eye is drawn straight to this part of the design. The text of the prayer should also be clear and easy to read. Don't be tempted to go overboard.  Less is definitely more with prayer card design, and a crisp and sharp design with plenty of white space is better than something busy and overwhelming.
This principle also applies to the colors you use. Outside of the image, keep all other colors muted and neutral, and try to use a palette of not more than three hues. This will help you create a warm yet simple design everyone will love.

Consider Front and Back Printing

The image, information, and prayer will all be on one side of the prayer card. So, what will you do with the space on the reverse of the card? You may choose to add some tasteful, religious artwork to the reverse of the prayer card, enhancing the spiritual element of the overall design. Again, take some time to think about or research images that may have held particular significance for your loved one and to make the overall design extra special and personal.

The key points to remember here are simplicity and personal significance. Make sure your prayer card design reflects the personality of your loved one and the things they held dear in life. Meanwhile, keep the design simple and straightforward, so that the image and prayer remain front and center.

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