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Memory Boards & Photo Collages for Funerals

memorial posters measuring 36 by 24 inchesFuneral memory boards have become popular at a loved one’s funeral service because it’s easy to tell their life story in pictures in one place. Gather images of the person whose funeral it is and organize the pictures on the boards. You can add embellishments, names, frames, or do several boards for chronological life order, beginning with the deceased’s childhood and moving to adolescence, adulthood, and their golden years. Funeral picture boards are great to display at the funeral so guests can view the photos as they remember the person they’ve lost. 

Funeral Memory Board Examples

  • Young Boy
    This picture board is displayed in a heart design because your child is your heart. The quote in the center will help people recall good times attached to those particular pictures. You can see a beautiful tribute by clicking here.
  • Young Girl
    These beautiful photo memory boards are a great example because you can swap out pictures, add embellishments, and it is made of cloth, so it’ll last for years. It’s bright and draws your eye to it.
  • Young Woman
    This picture display board clearly shows that the woman who passed was young. It calls attention to her name in large lettering with the pictures having a natural flow to lead the eye from one to another. Butterflies are prominent, perhaps highlighting this woman’s love for butterflies?

funeral memorial poster for a grandmother or grandfather

  • Grandmother
    This funeral collage calls attention to the grandkids because grandkids are often the center of the grandparents world. Every picture has a story to tell and will bring up memories for all of the individuals pictured.
  • Grandfather
    This funeral memory board shows the grandfather’s service days prominently. His name and dates of birth and death are highlighted. This picture board shows his devotion to his significant other and his family.
  • Mother
    This remembrance board for your mother is set up in a way that displays her family. Her wedding photos and her children are surrounding her picture, as it usually is in life.

  • Father
    This funeral picture board shows the father’s pictures displayed among words that describe what he meant to his family. It is a good example because it shows all aspects of his life, from his birth to his death and everything in between.
  • Aunt
    This memorial photo collage is packed with family pictures. It is a great example for an aunt because it has a variety of nieces, nephews, kids, and grandkids on display.
  • Uncle
    This memorial collage is split into three parts and details the deceased’s life. The center is military service, and the sides are the family. This is a good example because it touches on every aspect of his life.

  • Armed Forces
    This military memory board displays the medals the deceased achieved in their time in the service. It is an excellent example because it showcases their service time, as well as their family.
  • Police Officer
    This funeral picture board clearly displays the two loves of the officer’s life: his job and his family. It makes a powerful statement that he loved them both and gave his life in the line of duty.

Whether you are making funeral memory boards or a memorial collage, these funeral picture display boards should get you pointed in the right direction. It is impossible to do wrong by them because they are all touching tributes to someone who was loved in life, and will continue to be loved in death.

Be sure to take a look at our personalized memorial posters. These custom-made posters will pair perfectly with your funeral photo collages and help ensure your loved one is remembered and cherished by friends and family.  Our funeral photo collage template makes it easy for you to organize your photos and share your loved one’s story. Poster boards are 24" x 36" and printed on durable 3/16" foam core board. 

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