What is a Funeral Blanket?

A funeral blanket is a lasting tribute to a loved one who has passed. Also called tribute blankets, funeral throws, or condolence blankets, they provide comfort to anyone grieving the loss of a loved one. While each blanket is designed to memorialize the deceased and comfort the living, they come in a broad range of designs and personalization options. There is something to fit every person so that every gift is a thoughtful and personal one.

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Some Popular Ideas for Funeral Blankets

Bible Verses and Religious Symbols

People often take solace in their religion during times of grief. Receiving a funeral blanket with a comforting Bible verse can provide a great level of solace. If you aren’t sure which verse is appropriate, a blanket with a religious symbol can also suffice. Some examples of religious symbols on funeral blankets include those with crosses and angels.


Many funeral blankets come printed with popular poems. They might depict a message from the loved one expressing that they look forward to seeing their friends, family, or spouse again one day in the afterlife. You can also have a poem custom printed for a more personal approach.


Modern technology allows for the high-quality printing of pictures onto fabric. You might use several photos to create a collage, with each image paying tribute to various areas of the person’s life. Another option is to feature a current picture of the deceased to create a lasting memorial from the time of their passing.


A funeral blanket that memorializes the person with the date of their death is a thoughtful gift for anyone. These blankets might be combined with features from any of the other types of funeral blankets, such as poetry or pictures, to make a beautiful design more personal. It’s an easy way to create a meaningful gift for a family member when you didn’t know the deceased that well.

Funeral Blankets for Children

Losing someone close is especially difficult for a child. A child’s funeral blanket gives them something to hold onto when they need comfort during this difficult time and when they want to remember who they lost. Some blankets are made with childlike depictions of angels and come in childrens sizes. Keep in mind that an adult-size blanket might be too large for smaller children.

Tips on Purchasing a Funeral Blanket

The gift of a funeral blanket provides comfort during a person's time of grief. The most important thing to keep in mind is that the choice should be a personal one. Avoid sentiments about issues that you aren’t sure of. This is especially true when it comes to designs implementing Bible verses and religious symbols. Know the person’s beliefs before turning them into a lasting memorial. The loss of a loved one is hard for anyone. Your gift of a personalized funeral blanket will be cherished during this difficult time and for many years to come.

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