Funeral Poems For Grandma

Funeral Poems For Grandmother

There’s nothing like the relationship you have with your grandparents, especially your grandmother. Whether she’s teaching you her secret recipes or a new game to play, it’s always a fun time making memories at your nana’s house. From the love she smothers you with, to her great advice, to the freshly made cookies, nothing can replace the relationship you have with grandma, who was perhaps also your best friend. 

When the inevitable time comes to say goodbye, it can be hard to put into words exactly your grandmother’s love, what she meant to you, and how much you will miss her. Whether it’s spoken in a eulogy, written in an obituary, or just said aloud to other mourners at grandma’s funeral service, it’s comforting to have something truly special to say about a loved one who means so much to you.  

Sometimes a beautiful funeral poem for grandma can provide comfort to your broken heart and help capture the feelings you want to share in loving memory of your grandmother or great-grandmother. These memorial poems about the death of a grandmother can help you find the right words to express the loss you are feeling. They can be written on a keepsake, shared in an online memorial, or recited during your grandmother's funeral.  

With these grandmother poems, your nan's legacy of love will be immortalized and will never be forgotten—not even for a day.  

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Grandma Poem

Grandma, your life was full of loving deeds,
forever thoughtful of our special needs.
Today and tomorrow, my whole life through,
I will always love and cherish you.

Grandma in Heaven Poem

If flowers grow in heaven Lord, then pick a bunch for me
then place them in my grandma’s arms and tell her they’re from me.
Tell her that I love and miss her and when she turns to smile,
place a kiss upon her cheek and hold her for a while.

In Memory of Grandma Poem 

In memory of Grandma, the trunk of my tree,
I live my life as her legacy.

Grandma’s Gone to Heaven Poem

One quiet day the angels came and took Grandma far away
But in the stillness of the night I could almost hear her say

Dear grandchild – I will miss you, you mean so much to me
But Jesus called mem to his side, in Heaven I will be

A place of God’s great beauty, no tears of earthly cares
Only peace and joy forever and love beyond compare

So remember all the good times, don’t think about the sad
Treasure all the special moments through the years we’ve always had

And if you trust in Jesus, I can promise this and more
You will get a hug from Grandma someday on Heaven’s golden shore

I Love You Grandma Poem

There is never a time when I never needed you by my side,
Your wise advice has shaped my life, the right way every time.
For no reason, I just wanted to tell you how much I love you,
I promise to always be there for you and never leave you blue.
And whenever you find yourself sad, don’t you shed a tear,
Just always remember that your little one is always here!
I love you, Grandma.

For Grandma With Love

Grandma, just in case you don’t know,
I want you to hear it from me,
You’re more precious than words can describe,
You’re the heart of our family!

We are blessed when you are beside us…
And warmed by the glow of your smile,
And lucky to share in your wisdom,
When we sit and chat for a while.

And Grandma, if I grow to one-hundred,
I want you to know that it’s true,
I will love you forever and ever,
There’s no one more special than you.

A Wonderful Grandmother

We had a wonderful grandmother
One who never really grew old
Her smile was made of sunshine
And her heart was solid gold
Her eyes were bright as shining stars
And in her cheeks fair roses you see.
We had a wonderful grandmother,
And that’s the way it will always be.
But take heed, because
She’s still keeping an eye on all of us,
So let’s make sure
She will like what she sees.

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